Udon Entertainment to Release ‘Dark Souls II: Design Works’ Book

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Udon Entertainment has just announced their upcoming release of Dark Souls II: Design Works, an art book that will collect the artwork from Bandai Namco’s critically-acclaimed action-RPG Dark Souls II. Udon Entertainment previously released Dark Souls: Design Works, an art book collecting the artwork from the first Dark Souls game.

Dark Souls II: Design Works will feature armour and weapon designs, character concepts, enemies, locations, rough sketches, an exclusive interview with the game’s creators and more, all collected in a “prestigious hardcover tome”. Concept material from the three chapters of the DLC trilogy, “The Lost Crowns”, will also be included.

The book will be available in October 2015, just a few months before the recently-announced Dark Souls III is released. The suggested retail price is $49.99 USD. Pre-orders can be made now at selected retailers. The cover art and samples of the artwork included in the book are featured in the gallery below.

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