Udon Entertainment to Publish ‘Persona 4’ Manga in North America

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Udon Entertainment recently announced that they will begin publishing the Persona 4 manga series in English in North America this year. The original Persona 4 video game was released in 2008.

Udon describes the series:

When the small rural town of Inaba suddenly becomes the scene of a series of grisly murders, an eclectic group of high school students forms an investigation team to uncover the truth behind them and prevent more deaths. But when they discover that the murders might be connected to an urban legend about a paranormal television phenomenon called the “Midnight Channel,” a simple investigation turns into a dangerous, action-packed journey of self-discovery across two different worlds. Along the way, dark truths will shake our heroes to their very core – and help them discover an inner strength they never knew they had!

This adaptation will appeal to both the long-time player of the game and the person who is unfamiliar with the series. Fans of Persona 4, or of murder mysteries and the paranormal, can look forward to the first volume’s launch in September. Volumes will then be released bi-monthly continuing into 2016. They will be available in comic book stores and from online retailers with a suggested retail price of $13.99 USD.

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