Techland Mocks Destiny Red Bull Quest with Water Promotion

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As gamers we’ve come to expect cross-promotion in regards to food and drink items for popular titles. Halo and Call of Duty have often been given promotions involving Mountain Dew and Doritos which result in the consumer obtaining bonus XP or a special cosmetic item in the game. Now earlier today Bungie and Activision announced that Destiny: The Taken King will be partnering up with Red Bull to lock some additional content behind a small wall. Those who buy Red Bull and then redeem the code on the can will be gifted with a consumable item to increase the amount of XP earned as well as granted access to an exclusive multi-tiered quest. Though it is worth noting that these codes will only be available on cans at 7-Eleven.


In an effort to take a stab at a fellow game publisher Techland was quick to step in and take advantage of the situation that annoyed many fans who see this as an early announcement of content being removed from Destiny‘s $40 expansion. Techland announced that they will be holding a special Dying Light marketing promotion involving water. Simply take a picture of yourself drinking a glass of water and tweet #DrinkRightDyingLight and you’ll be given a code for a top-tier weapon docket. This means that those who want access to a bit of Dying Light content without having to subject themselves to an energy drink can do so as long as they have easy access to any kind of water.


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