Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Announced for the PC

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While the main Tripwire team is busily working on Killing Floor 2, Anti-Matter Games and Tripwire Interactive are working together to develop Rising Storm 2: Vietnam. Continuing the tradition of realistic, yet accessible, FPS games, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam will plop players in the middle of the Vietnamese jungles where American helicopters rule the skies and Vietnamese guerrillas control the underground tunnels.


There will be great focus on asymmetrical warfare according to Tripwire Interactive President John Gibson. The US military may have the upper hand in weapons, vehicles, and technology, but the Vietnamese forces have the skills to slowly bleed the opposing team dry with ambushes and traps.


Tripwire has released a teaser trailer along with the game’s announcement. The trailer hits all the right notes, with a US patrol ambushed by Vietcong fighters in a rice paddy, while Hueys soar through the air and 1970’s rock music playing in the background. No word yet on a release date, but Rising Storm 2: Vietnam will be a PC exclusive.


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