Utawarerurmono: False Mask Debut Trailer Released

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As you may have heard, Aquaplus is working on a brand new Utawarerurmono strategy RPG called Utawarerurmono: False Mask that they are planning on releasing in Japan on September 24th for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita.

Few details about Utawarerurmono: False Mask are currently known other than that players will take on the role of Haku, a man with no memory who is rescued from a bug-like monster by a beautiful girl named Kuon with animal ears and a tail.


Despite the limited details, Aquplus has released the debut trailer, found below, for Utawarerurmono: False Mask revealing that this visual novel RPG hybrid has been given a 3D gameplay perspective.

As a big fan of anime and games I'll be quick to cover anything that happens to be of interest.

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