Super Mario Bros. Inspired Amiibo Stand Releases in September

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With over 10.5 million Amiibo figurines being sold worldwide it’s no surprise companies are capitalising with accessories for them. We’ve seen a few custom made cases and more mass produced efforts, but this is perhaps one of the most unique takes on the Amiibo storage design. In September Bluemouth Interactive will release a Super Mario Bros.-inspired Amiibo stand that mimics the classic end game look of a Super Mario Bros. level, flag and all.

The figure stands at 15 inches tall and can hold up to six Amiibo, a nice resting space for the Super Mario Bros. collection. The top blocks will feature holes for your Amiibo to be nicely placed into. The Amiibo display stand will launch in September for a recommended price of AU$44.95. The product is not officially endorsed by Nintendo. No word on exact release dates or how to buy one have been released at this time.

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