Sentai Filmworks Licenses the First Season of the ‘Hamatora’ Anime

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Sentai Filmworks has just announced their latest anime acquisition: Hamatora. The series will be available on home video in North America at some point in the future.

The series was directed by Seiji Kishi and Hiroshi Kimura and series composition was done by Jun Kumagai and Toko Machida. NAZ produced the animation for the first season, Makoto Yoshimori (known for his work in Baccano! and Durarara!!) composed the music and the character designs were by Eriko Itou, Yuu Wazu and Yuuki Kodama. Yuuki Kodama is the illustrator for the manga series.

Sentai provided a synopsis for the series: it “takes place in a fictional 2014 where certain humans called Minimum Holders are discovered to have special abilities. The story focuses on Minimum Holder Nice who forms a detective agency and starts gathering a large number of allies and enemies.”

An English dub for the series has not been confirmed yet, nor has a North American Blu-ray release.

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