Next Week from Discotek: ‘Ceres, Celestial Legend’ and ‘Mazinger Edition Z: The Impact!’ DVD Sets

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Discotek Media has two anime titles scheduled for release in North America next week. Both of the following titles will be released on May 26, 2015.

First up is the complete collection of Ceres, Celestial Legend on DVD. It will feature episodes 1-24 with dual audio and English subtitles.

Second is the complete series collection of Mazinger Edition Z: The Impact! on DVD. It will feature episodes 1-26 with Japanese audio and English subtitles. The series was originally broadcast in 2009 with the title Shin Mazinger Shougeki (New Mazinger Impact), but the licensor requested that it be retitled ‘Mazinger Edition Z’ for the North American release. Discotek previously released the full 92-episode Mazinger Z TV series across two DVD sets last year.

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