New Brick and Mortar RazerStore too Packed for Weekend Celebrations

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Well, nothing ruins a good party like the authorities coming in and shutting it down. That’s exactly what happened at the grand opening of the new brick and mortar RazerStore in the Syntrend Mall in Taipei, Taiwan this weekend.

Razer originally was planning to give away free Razer Nabu X Smartbands to the first 250 visitors to the store each day as part of the celebrations, but the crowds started forming hours ahead of opening. The mall management ended up ordering Razer to move their planned giveaway off-site and to only run normal sales activities after the expected turnout was starting to pass the safe capacity of the mall. No word on where Razer moved the Nabu X giveaway, but they did give swag to fans who came into the store wearing Razer gear.

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