Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven’s Battle System Detailed

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With Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven set to be released in a little over two weeks, XSEED Games and Marvelous have released new details and tips regarding the game’s combat system as well as a tutorial video that you can check out below.

When entering combat, players will fight using aspects of a tactical role-playing game where players must carefully aim their attacks to “bowl” as many enemies over with one attack. There are five different elemental affinities in the game with each affinity having their own strengths and weaknesses. Four of these elements, Flame, Frost, Heaven, and Earth provide these bonuses while the neutral element Void provides zero bonuses.

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When entering combat players can bring up to four of the game’s eight characters with each character having a unique affinity that XSEED has detailed below:

  • Luchs [Void affinity] – The game’s main protagonist and the only character with a default Void affinity, Luchs’ attack has an extremely small range, targeting only enemies directly in front of him. Luchs has very limited attack power, and is thus best suited to support skills.
  • Charlotte [Flame affinity] – High in physical attack power, Charlotte uses a close-range sword called “Flawless,” striking all enemies within a fan-shaped area directly in front of her.
  • Beatrix [Frost affinity] – Beatrix attacks from a distance with her bow gun, “Selbstgemachte Armbrust,” striking all enemies within a small circular area.
  • Elfriede [Earth affinity] – Elfriede attacks three times in succession with her machine gun, “OP4 Vulcan,” striking all enemies in a thin, U-shaped area.
  • Gabriele [Heaven affinity] – The only character with a default Heaven affinity, Gabriele’s attacks strike all enemies in a small, circular area directly in front of her. Her weapon is a chest called “Pandora’s Box,” and its contents can be seen by using her various skills.
  • Diana [Earth affinity] – Diana has good physical attack power, wielding a mid-range spear called “Kirin” to strike enemies directly in front of her.
  • Francesca [Flame affinity] – Francesca uses a pair of claws called the “Scar of God,” striking multiple times in a single turn. Like Charlotte, Francesca has high physical attack power.
  • Adelheid [Frost affinity] – Adelheid has high physical defense, and uses a shield called “Scutum Absolutae” to blow back enemies in close range.

As players spend more time with the heroines in the game, they can unlock special abilities by unlocking “Heart Events” that serve as the game’s relationship-building system and allow the player to learn more about a specific heroine.

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