Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess Introduces Past Princesses

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Today Koei Tecmo released a new set of screenshots and a brand new trailer for Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess showing off the extra characters that have been added to the upcoming title. As we’ve previously reported, Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess features characters from previous Deception titles and after the player defeats these princesses in the game they will become playable characters in the mission mode. This includes Millenia the Clockwork Princess, Alicia the Branded Princess, and Reina the Tragic Princess.

As for the core game, players will still be able to play as Laegrinna, who is assisted by three Daemons, on a quest to kill the descendants of the twelve Saints that bound her father using Sadistic, Elaborate, and Humiliating traps. The brand new mode in Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess features the sadistic and mischievous Velgurie who is woken from her long slumber and must regain her powers by defeating humans in the dreamlands and the waking world to ensnare their souls. Velgurie is the first character in the series that can use kicks and somersaults to drive her opponents into traps, or away from her.

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