Official Site Launches for Upcoming Live-Action ‘Death Note’ TV Drama

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“Ryuk the Shinigami here. Damn, I’ve dropped my death note again… Look forward to watching the new confrontation between Light and L from July on NTV. I’m looking forward to Sunday nights… Heheheh!”. This is my translation of official an Twitter post.

Following on from the announcement in today’s issue of the Weekly Shounen Jump magazine, NTV has launched an official website for the live-action TV drama adaptation of Tsugumi Ohba’s manga series Death Note. Currently, the website only says that the actors to be playing Light Yagami, L and N will be announced soon.

In the live-action film series, produced by NTV in 2006, Tatsuya Fujiwara portrayed Light Yagami and Kenichi Matsuyama portrayed L. Near was played by child actor Narushi Fukuda in the spin-off film L: Change the WorLd.

The official website for this adaptation can be found here.

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