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We recently asked product manager for computer peripherals at the Logitech Daniel Borel Innovation Centre in Switzerland, Arnaud Perret-Gentil, some questions about the recently revealed MX Master Wireless Mouse. Dubbed “the possibility machine”, the MX Master is the most advanced mouse the company has produced. Read on for the full interview. For context, the questions were answered via email.

Where did your original design ideas stem from? Was the form factor established in the G502 Proteus Core the springboard, and then you moved on from there?

We started with the heritage we have from our MX right-handed mice. We wanted to have a design that communicates comfort, precision and speed, in a design language that is modern and different for the computer peripherals. The G502 Proteus Core is a gaming mouse, and has different inspirations.

What is the most distinguishing feature or “selling point” of the new Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse? The Easy-Switch capability with connectivity up to three devices is surely a personal standout?

The Easy-switch allows the today’s power user to use their favourite device on all the computer they use, with Bluetooth Smart or the Unifying dongle. It is an important aspect of the MX Master, for sure, but it wouldn’t be as powerful as it is if we didn’t develop different controls, unveiled by the Logitech Options software, that allows you to optimise your device controls for the different operating system your mouse is connected to. The controls are the gesture button and the thumb wheel. Then we bring back the Speed adaptive scroll wheel, that was created for the MX Revolution, and that were missing on the Performance MX. To be short, its biggest strength is its versatility. Whatever you do, you’ll have the best you can find for office use in this mouse.


Are you confident that you will be able to switch PC and Mac customers from their touch pad or wired mice to this most advanced wireless mouse? Did you see battery life as the sticking point in that respect?

With the MX Master we are talking to people who are spending 8hrs a day on their computer. It might be funny to say, but a mouse is what they touch the most in a day. Therefore they deserve the best tool, in terms of comfort, precision, speed and quality of build. The day you try a mouse like that, you won’t come back to a basic mouse.

From a technical standpoint, how do you create a mouse that is so feature-packed, but can last up to 40 days on a full charge?

We have a great experience in power management in Logitech, which has been developed through many projects. For example, an important innovation on the MX Master is that the Bluetooth technology we use: Bluetooth Smart. One of its advantages is to eat less battery than Bluetooth classic.

Were any compromises made for the aforementioned battery life or in getting any particular feature in, for that matter?

As explained above, we introduced Bluetooth Smart connectivity instead of Bluetooth classic, and one of its advantages is its power consumption. No compromises were made on the user experience side.


We’ve heard and bore witness to the effectiveness of the Darkfield Laser Sensor in the most recent mice, but how was Logitech able to develop such adaptive technology?

We have been developing mice for more than 30 years. We always have been at the top of the technology used in our products, this Darkfield sensor is an additional example of our engineering excellence.

The Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse encompasses what seems to be the entire package. With that thought in mind, where do you possibly see room for improvement in the future?

The operating system you use on your computer, the way people use their computer and the different digital experience the people have everyday is consistently evolving. The MX Master is the best mouse for the today’s power user, and it helps them being more effective their everyday activities. In the future, what the users do and how they do it, including the platform they use, will be different from today, and we’ll provide them the best product for their new experiences. Therefore there will be some improvement, as the future product will be designed for those new experiences.

Would you like to share any final thoughts about Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse?

To be short, the MX Master is the great marriage of heritage and innovation, in terms of design and engineering, in order to deliver unique user experiences. It is the result of the investment of a passionate and skilled team (you can watch our “Behind the scene video”) who worked to deliver the best product for today’s power user.

Our thanks go out to Arnaud Perret-Gentil and Logitech for giving us the opportunity to get some insight on the MX Master Wireless Mouse. For those interested in purchasing Logitech’s most advanced mouse, it is still available for pre-order here at a price point of AU$149.95*.

*Any site listing of AU$129.95 is incorrect.

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