Satellite Reign’s Industrial Sector Update Impressions

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In a new update, 5 Lives Studios have released a new zone for players to explore in their early access strategy title; Satellite Reign. The industrial district has been connected to the previously available Downtown/Red Light District and players are now free to move their agents into new and unexplored territory.

I’ve previously covered Satellite Reign and spoke highly of the game. I was quite impressed by many aspects of the game, but especially the environment design of the city. Walking through the city in Satellite Reign felt akin to walking through set of Blade Runner or the streets of real-life Tokyo. The new industrial district is very distinct by comparison to the neon lights and night life of the downtown area. What’s distinct about the new area is that it tones down the neon sleaze and turns up the urban blight by a factor of ten. It might not be pretty to fight next to open chemical plants and garbage dumps, but it certainly puts the ‘punk’ in cyberpunk.


A raft of other features have been implemented including new enemy types and factions, alongside a nicer UI. There are also a number of smaller fixes and additions which add some new elements to the gameplay. My favourite feature (which might actually be a bug) are corporate security randomly stopping and harassing individuals in the street. This has happened a number of times to my hacker agent and it really reinforces the idea of a repressive corporatocracy… as well as making me laugh. Another, more useful, feature is the addition of black market infobrokers who can sell you data on what each facility has in stock. This allows players to strategically determine which heists they wish to pull off first and what loot they will get upon completion.


For the next couple of days the game will be on sale and can be found here.

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