Nagi no Asukara to be Given English Dub by NIS America

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If you liked what NIS America did with Toradora! then you’ll be happy to hear that they are once again producing an English dub for one of their licensed anime and this time around it is for the first release of said series. Today NIS America announced that they will be releasing P.A. Works’ Nagi no Asukara in North America under the name A Lull in the Sea and when it is released the series will feature both the original Japanese voice track as well as a newly recorded English dub.

The entire 26 episode series will be included in a single 3 Blu-ray disc Premium Edition that will be released on June 30th for $179.99 with the set including a two disc soundtrack, a 76 page art book, trailers, and clean opening and ending themes.

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