Latest Disgaea 5 Trailers Introduce Christo and Zeroken

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As we know, in Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance Killia is trying to get revenge against Void Dark and on his mission he is joined by a number of Overlords from different Netherworlds. Most of them have been wronged by Void Dark or his subordinates in some way while others join the team to prove their strength.


Today Nippon Ichi released two more character videos introducing Christo, a Dark Priest who is the Overlord of Giant Monkey Netherworld and is a talented tactician and Zeroken, a tiny Overlord werewolf who is relatively careless but wishes to take down Void Dark’s Lost army using the skills that he has learned from his master Great Demon Fist Goldeon.

Christo Introduction Trailer

Zeroken Introduction Trailer

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