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Friday-Special-Bundle-12-March-13Pi Day is this Saturday, so what better way to celebrate with a new Friday Special Bundle from Indie Gala and Capsule Computers. This Friday’s bundle contains 12 indie games. For a minimum of $1, buyers can snag

Streets of Chaos – You are leading a rag-tag group of survivors after the apocalypse. Their survival is in your hands in this strategy/board game.

Orc Attack – A humorous hack’n slash game starring the poor flatulent orcs you’ve slaughtered in the millions during your gaming career.

For a minimum of $2.99, buyers will also get


Leona’s Tricky Adventures – A adventure game with retro graphics featuring a puzzle mechanic inspired by Picross and Bejeweled.

Phoenix Force – A challenging top down shoot ’em up with over 100 levels. Test your dodging skills, as a single hit means death.

HyperRogue – A visual style that will remind you of those colour blindness tests, HyperRogue is a tactical RPG on a hyperbolic plane.


Shelter – Lead your children to safety through the beautiful landscape of Shelter.

Snowcat Simulator – The weather does not always play well, but every day a ski hill is closed is lost business. Master the Snowcat vehicles that make sure visitors have some great snow to ski on.

samurai_jazz – An 8-bit action/adventure inspired by samurai-dramas and film-noir.


Majestic Nights – An episodic action-adventure-thriller about the many conspiracies orchestrated by the guys in black suits.

Proxy Blade Zero – A technical combat revolving around combo-based combat with the Proxy Blade.

Ski-World Simulator – Drive your Snowcat and manage your ski-hill business in this simulator.


Pushcat – A retro puzzle featuring procedurally generated caves and five worlds.

For the first 24 hours of the sale, the top tier is $2.99. After that, the price rises, so grab your copy at Indie Gala.

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