Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation English Dub Cast Revealed

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You may remember that back in 2013 the video game series Hyperdimension Neptunia was given an anime adaptation and at that time, FUNimation acquired the license for the series. Now that they have nailed down a release date of June 9th for the series, FUNimation has announced the English dub cast for the series and surprisingly enough they have managed to retain most of the cast from the English game releases.

The four main CPU Goddesses and most of their Sisters are going to be voiced by the same voice actresses but it is worth noting that Rom, IF, 5pb., and Peashy will now be voiced by different actresses. The full English dub listing can be found below and it is worth noting that anyone who pre-orders the series through FUNimation will be entered to win one of two Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory Limited Editions.


Neptune – Melissa Fahn
Noire – Erin Fitzgerald
Vert – Tara Platt
Blanc – Wendee Lee
Nepgear – Christine Marie Cabanos
Uni – Sarah Williams
Ram – Shelby Lindley
Rom – Carrie Keranen
Histoire – Stephanie Sheh
IF – Megan Shipman
Compa – Cristina Vee
Plutia – Cherami Leigh
Peashy – Tia Ballard
Rei – Morgan Garrett
Arfoire – Laura Post
Warechu – Sara Ragsdale
Anonydeath – David Vincent
Trick – Josh Grelle
Underling – Morgan Berry
5pb. – Caitlin Glass
Abnes – Stephanie Sheh
Setag – Whitney Rodgers


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