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Recently FUNimation announced the English dub cast for BlazBlue: Alter Memory and fans will be happy to see that they managed to retain almost all of the original English cast from the games. It is worth noting that Platinum the Trinity and Nago have been given different voices and for some strange reason FUNimation did not include the voice actors for Taokaka and Iron Tager in the list.


BlazBlue: Alter Memory is an adaptation combining the stories of both the first and second games in the BlazBlue series and aired back in 2013 to mixed reception from fans of the original titles.

The full list of currently revealed voice actors can be found below:
Patrick Seitz will voice Ragna the Bloodedge
David Vincent will voice Jin Kisaragi and Hakumen
Cristina Vee will voice Noel Vermillion, Nu-13, and Lambda-11
Mela Lee will voice Rachel Alucard
Doug Erholtz will voice Hazama
Steve Kramer will voice Bang Shishigami
Lauren Landa will voice Litchi Faye-Ling
Spike Spencer will voice Arakune
Michelle Ruff will voice Carl Clover
Travis Willingham will voice Relius Clover
Kirk Thornton will voice Jubei
Julie Ann Taylor will voice Kokonoe and Tsubaki Yayoi
Cindy Robinson will voice Makoto Nanaya and Gii
Alexis Tipton will voice Platinum the Trinity
Doug Stone will voice Valkenhayn R. Hellsing
Ethan Murray will voice Nago
Kate Davis will voice The Imperator
Geoffrey Chalmers, Bryce Papenbrook, and Wendee Lee will voice Takamagahara

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