You’ll be Dying for this Dying Light Collector’s Edition

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So you know how just about every game that gets released nowadays has an exclusive collectors edition (or even multiple different editions)? You shell out a few bucks more and you might get an art book, or a steel case to house your game in and the publishers get a little extra cash in their pockets. Well the guys at Techland and Warner Bros. have gone absolutely bonkers with this idea and introduced the one of a kind “My Apocalypse” edition of Dying Light for the not-so-meager price of £250,000.

Ok so now I have given you a moment to catch your breath, and contemplate WHY you would spend that much on Dying Light(or any video game for that matter) I will tell you. You get four copies of the game, each in a sexy steel book, real-life parkour lessons and some exclusive merchendise. Hm, I think I’m forgetting something… Oh right! You also get a god damned House!


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The house comes fully fortified and ready to fend off even the biggest zombie horde, and the four copies of the game are great until the apocalypse hits and there’s no power to run your game console. This is definitely extravagant, but it isn’t unheard of – Grid 2 had a special edition that came with a car.

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