Square Enix Bringing Dragon Quest Heroes to the West

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It has been a bit since a Dragon Quest title has home to the west, as we have still not seen the release of the 3DS port of Dragon Quest VII (where is that, anyway?), but good news has come at last. Omega Force’s Dragon Quest Heroes will in fact be coming to the west on both the Playstation 3 (PSN) and Playstation 4.


Sure, that is awesome news, but if you are new to the namesake, here is a brief breakdown. This title is very similar to that of Dynasty Warriors, and brings all of the lore of the Dragon Quest franchise into one large experience with the Square Enix favorite implanting its charms everywhere. Yes, all the slimes and monsters along with some original scores from composer Koichi Sugiyama will be featured, making it quite the prize for fans everywhere. The release date is slated at this moment at 2015, so look for a date to drop later this year. As for Square, this is great-  but we sure would like Rocket Slime 3 and VII for our portables.

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