Nintendo TVii Service Officially Cancelled for Some Regions

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In 2012, Nintendo announced that they would be introducing a new service called Nintendo TVii, which would bring multiple television services into a single application. The service eventually launched in the USA and Canada towards the end of December, 2012. However, there have been no concrete plans to bring this service to Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Now, Nintendo confirmed that due to the complex nature of licensing so much content across a range of countries, they will not be launching this service in the aforementioned regions.

Replacing the TVii service is a simpler service called the Nintendo Anime Channel, which was just released this weekend. This new video-on-demand service allows users to stream content from the Pokémon and Kirby anime series directly to their 3DS. This application can be downloaded for free from the Nintendo eShop. A Wii U version of this application has not been announced.

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    so who’s fault is this Nintendo or Australia?

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