Katana Joining the Cast of Infinite Crisis

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Katana has been swinging her Soultaker katana in comic books, on the TV shows like Arrow, and in several Lego Batman games. Now, she is joining the cast of Infinite Crisis on March 4th.

In Infinite Crisis, Katana is a mobile bruiser specializing in burst damage who is perfect for picking off high value targets and getting around the map quickly.


Her passive skill Soultaker that allows her to store Slash and Cross Step abilities to give her bonus stats. Her Kendo ability gives her four possible finishing moves based on on her stored abilities.

Katana’s real name is Tatsu Toro and is a skilled martial artist. She married Maseo Yamashiro, a member of the Sword Clan and a Yakuza gangster. After her husband was slain by his twin brother Takeo, Tatsu Toro took up Maseo’s legendary sword Soultaker and is now using it to bring justice against criminals everywhere, in hopes of one day avenging her husband’s death.


Turbine released a new character spotlight trailer that will teach players all of Katana’s skills, provide some hints on how to play her effectively on each map, and suggest some items that compliment her.

Infinite Crisis is a free to play MOBA game based on the DC Universe. The game is currently in beta and can be accessed by signing up at the official site. The game is available for Windows only.


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