eden* and eden* Plus Mosaic now available; No, Thank You!!! pre-orders opened

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MangaGamer has recently released their latest English translated visual novel eden* and eden* Plus Mosaic on Steam and their own website. Now Steam only has the standard eden* while MangaGamer is selling both versions, with eden* Plus Mosaic being the 18+ version of the game.

It is worth noting that eden* Plus Mosaic does cost a bit more, as its standard price is $24.95 compared to eden*’s selling price of $19.95 but it is also worth mentioning that for the next week both titles will be on sale, with eden* Plus Mosaic now priced at $14.97 at MangaGamer’s Adult Store and eden* at $9.97 through MangaGamer and $9.99 through Steam. It is worth noting that every purchase of eden* will also go towards funding minori’s other PC visual novel Supipara and more details about that project can be found on the official website here.

no-thank-you-sfw-cg- (2)

Also for those who are more interested in Yaoi (Boys Love) then you will be happy to hear that MangaGamer has also opened up pre-orders for their very first yaoi title No, Thank You!!! which will go on sale on February 27th. Those who pre-order the game early will be able to own the title at a 10% discount from the standard $39.95 selling price. Those interested in pre-ordering can do so here. (18+)

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