Tron-Inspired Puzzler Hyphen Now Greenlit by Valve

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Indie developer FarSpace Studios has announced that their arcade puzzle game Hyphen has been greenlit by Steam for release. While the very slick Tron-inspired game has been out for a while on other stores, Steam is most likely to be the one to give it a widespread release.

The title involves moving a constantly spinning though tight spaces, attempting to get through the maps in the best time. This gives Hyphen a very arcade-style feel. Hyphen has 36 levels and 2 mini-games to offer players a challenge.


While the game looks stunning, and the theming is very 1980’s inspired, I can’t help but think of another recent indie title with a very similar mechanic. Roundabout was done in a very different style, focusing on open world exploration and a cheesy story, but the major game mechanic seems nearly identical.

However, Hyphen looks to be it’s own experience, and hopefully this Steam launch will help FarSpace to grow. Hyphen will be available on Steam soon, check out the Greenlight page here.


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