This Is The Police Kickstarter Campaign Launches

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This upcoming PC game by Weappy Studio is about a police chief, Jack Boyd, who is a model of duty and integrity. However, after giving his best years to the badge, he finds it has left him with nothing in the end. Sick of playing by the book while the rest of force go around skimming money off drug dealers and hookers, Jack decides to earn some informal income before his forced retirement; ‘To hell with it, This is the Police’.


The chief is willing to do what ever it takes to earn half a million dollars; bribes, weapons and drug, but only you can decide how far he’ll go. You can manage your team of crooked cops, deal with the mafia and still go around investigating the odd crime as well. The game is currently up on Kickstarter. Check it out to learn more.

I feel this will be a great crime game, but two other credits to the game is that it stars the voice of macho Duke Nukem and sometimes it is devilishly fun to play on the corrupt side.

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