Ponycan USA Reveals Pre-order Bonuses for April Releases

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Ponycan USA previously announced that there will be bonus physical items for those who pre-order the first collector’s edition release of Yuki Yuna is a Hero or Denki-Gai or the bundle containing both releases from Right Stuf by February 28. These items have now been revealed.

The bonus for pre-ordering Yuki Yuna is a Hero volume 1 is a collection of ten reproduced key frame sheets showing Yuki Yuna transforming into a Hero, sealed in an exclusive illustrated bag. The bonus for pre-ordering Denki-Gai volume 1 is an exclusive reproduction of an original, autographed illustration by original author Asato Mizu heavy art paper.

Customers who pre-order the bundle containing both releases will receive both of the aforementioned bonuses and two more bonuses: a unique key frame drawing from Denki-Gai and an additional collection of ten reproduced key frame sheets showing Mimori Togo transforming into a Hero, also sealed in an exclusive illustrated bag.

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