Grey Goo To Bring Back Old-School RTS Feel

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Grey Goo is a new “old-school” RTS set to release later this month from independent studio Petroglyph Games. The title features three factions, two of which are rather standard human and alien type races. What sets Grey Goo aside from the pack is it’s third faction, the eponymous Goo.


Grey Goo is a sci-fi resource-based strategy game set in the far future. However, the twist comes from the Goo. The Goo, unlike Humans and the Beta, do not build bases. The Goo are based off a scientific concept called self-replicating machines. Essentially, they’re a large multitude of tiny machines that harvest resources and recreate themselves; in Grey Goo, they’re taken in as an entire race. The mass is mobile and players direct it to harvest resources, then split off parts to build units or expansion bases.


Additionally, Grey Goo is moving away from the popular micromanagement games. The focus in Grey Goo is on the macro level, and base-building like the old Command & Conquer series. The game takes it’s design keys from recent MOBA’s, streamlining the gameplay in order to let players get to the meat of the game.

These concepts are what sets apart Grey Goo as a different type of modern RTS. It doesn’t seem as though the Beta and Humans are quite as inspired as the Von Neumann-type probes. However, I’d be willing to give the developers the benefit of the doubt. If they’re able to create such an original concept for one faction, it is likely there are some great twists on the classic archetypes.


Grey Goo comes out for PC January 25th. You can check out two videos below.

Grey Goo Human Trailer

Grey Goo Soundtrack Dev Diary

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