Ukiyo No Ryoshi story preview and release date announced

Fighting PS Vita Playstation 3


On February 11th 2015, samurai style fighting game ‘Ukiyo No Ryoshi’ will be released for the PlayStation Vita in Japan at a price of 5,800 yen. As it’s a fighting game first and foremost, it is understandable that the story will take a backseat in the game, as players get stuck into the fighting mechanics slicing apart foes accompanied by the Edo period backdrop. However, lets take a look at the main storyline for the benefit of those who wish to know the reason as to why they are maiming enemies at every turn.

You will be playing as a character called Yoshijiro Okita, who is part of the Shinsengumi – a police force who were dedicated to protecting Shogunate representatives during their time in Kyoto. Yoshijiro managed to enlist in the Shinsengumi successfully thanks to his swordsmanship and his ukiyoe skill (a distinctive Edo period drawing style). It was through his art interests that he met his love interest, a fellow artist named Oryu. Predictably, and acting as the catalyst for the story, she is murdered in mysterious circumstances. Yoshijiro then begins his quest to avenge Oryu’s death.

The developers Spike Chunsoft (who are behind the popular series Way of the Samurai) are also releasing a closely related game on the PlayStation 3. Titled ‘Ukiyo No Shishi’, the game will be exactly the same in regards to the setting and gameplay mechanics, but there will be major changes to the storyline and fighting sequences. The release date for the console version will be on January 29th.


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