Sonic Adventure Themes Out Now for Nintendo 3DS

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When the New Nintendo 3DS was released it bought with it some awesome new features, one of which was themes for the systems home menu. The latest batch of themes come directly from Sega and they use artwork and music from the fan favourite titles Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2. There are four new Sonic themes with each one sporting a different character and menu music. There is Sonic with music from the hub world in Sonic Generations titled White Space: Seaside Hill, Shadow with Radical Highway from SA2, Amy with My Sweet Passion from SA1 and also a Chao theme with the Chao Garden theme.

Check out the video below to see and hear these themes in action. Each theme can be purchased from the Nintendo eShop at $1.99 each ($2.60 in Australia). You can also buy all four for $5.99 which essentially gives you one free or you can go the free route and take the Sonic Boom theme which is also available. Is this a sign Sega is thinking about Sonic Adventure 3? Hopefully but we wouldn’t count on it. Let us know in the comments below which theme you will be downloading, if any. Definitely Shadow the Hedgehog for me, always loved the Radical Highway track.

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