Siren Visual Licenses ‘Nodame Cantabile’

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Siren Visual has just announced via its Facebook page that it has licensed the anime series Nodame Cantabile for Australian DVD release. The complete first season will be released on DVD in 2015. The release will contain the English dubbed version produced by Animax. Animax’s English dubs are rarely included in Australian home video releases, or in home video releases in any other English speaking countries.

Siren Visual describes the series as follows: “Set in a college music conservatory, Nodame Cantabile tells the story of a prodigious yet neurotic classical music composer named Chiaki. Hailed as the next big classical music conductor, he remains trapped in Japan due to a lifelong fear of air travel. Enter Nodame, a talented pianist who immediately falls in love with Chiaki and shows him there’s more to life than musical notation”.

The series was previously released in Hong Kong. However, that release has gone out of print, so this will be the only official English release of the anime that is available.

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