NCSoft Announces Major Wildstar Update



Carbine Studios has released a an announcement for WildStar‘s first major update next year. The update builds off of player feedback, and response, which bodes well for the longevity of the game. Many of the updates are in direct response to improving accessibility for the MMO. Other improvements are related to streamlining player experiences in-game. Check out the list of new and improved features below.

  • Players will now have access to a low-level training dungeon called Protogames Academy, teaching them the team mechanics that will lead to greater success in group content.
  • We’re releasing a brand new level-six Shiphand Mission called They Came From Fragment Zero! which takes place in the unexplored reaches of the Halon Ring!
  • There are now Veteran versions of all Shiphand Missions, giving max-level solo and group players additional content once they reach level cap.
  • We have enhanced the LFG tool, which now includes access to all Shiphand Missions – allowing players to queue up whether they want to play solo or with a group.
  • A new random queue bonus has been added to the group finder that will yield valuable currency and experience along with helping queue times.
  • We added tons of new player customization options – including costumes, as well as the ability to alter your avatar’s physical appearance after character creation!
  • We made significant adjustments to the quest experience in our early zones, focusing on things like quest flow, objective counts, and group accessibility.
  • We’ve improved the Dungeon Medal system, providing greater insight into how you are progressing through a dungeon’s objectives, and rewarding you every step of the way.
  • We’ve added a new currency type called Glory which is earned by completing dungeons and raids. Glory can be exchanged for high-quality gear in the capital cities.
  • A new dungeon, called Ultimate Protogames, which offers our max-level players exciting new challenges from the galaxy’s most infamous (and profit-minded!) corporation!
  • We are adjusting the group size requirement for Datascape from 40 to 20 players, allowing more players to experience this awesome raid!


This large addition to the game offers new players an improved experience in starting out, as well as increasing the depth of the MMO. It is often the case that once players reach a level cap, the game’s playerbase decreases. However, the new Shiphand mission, dungeon, and mission difficulty bring in new content to keep players interested. The improvements in queuing and finding groups will only offer improvement, much like World of Warcraft did when Blizzard added better group-finding tools.

All in all, it looks like a a great addition to the game, adding content, balance, and a better experience all in one. The commitment that Carbine Studios and NCSoft are showing bodes well for the future of WildStar.

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