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In the 50 new things about Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct that took place recently we learned a whole heap of stuff about game modes and unlockables, but one of the best announcements was that the number of music in the Wii U version will smash the amount of tracks in the 3DS version out of the park! Numerous game reviewers have been recording  footage of the game and giving users a look at the default track selection for each stage that they have unlocked.

The full list is below for your viewing pleasure courtesy of a number of users who have worked hard to put this list together (original link here). Please keep in mind there are at least 100 more songs to unlock and not all the stages are represented below as we do not have a full stage list as of yet. After reading through the list let us know in the comments what your favourite inclusion is or if you’re a bit worried your favourite song isn’t on the list. Super Smash Bros. for Wii U releases on the 21st of November in North America and on the 28th/29th in Europe and Australia.


Battlefield – Smash 4 Stage

Battlefield – SSB3DS+WiiU

Multi-Man Smash – SSB3DS+WiiU

Trophy Rush – SSB3DS+WiiU

Menu (Melee) – Brawl

Boss Battle (Melee) – Brawl Remix

Battefield (Brawl)

Boss Battle Song 1 (Brawl)

Menu – SSB3DS+WiiU


Big Battlefield – Smash 4 Stage

Battlefield – SSB3DS+WiiU

Multi-Man Smash – SSB3DS+WiiU

Trophy Rush – SSB3DS+WiiU

Menu (Melee) – Brawl

Boss Battle (Melee) – Brawl Remix

Battefield (Brawl)

Boss Battle Song 1 (Brawl)

Menu – SSB43DS+WiiU


Final Destination – Smash 4 Stage

Final Destination – SSB3DS+WiiU

Final Destination Ver. 2 – Wii U

Master Hand – SSB3DS+WiiU Remix

Menu (Melee): Ver 2 – SSB3DS+WiiU Remix

Credits (Super Smash Bros). – Brawl Remix

Final Destination (Brawl)

Boss Battle Song 2 (Brawl)


Mushroom Kingdom U – Smash 4 Stage

Ground Theme/Underground theme – SSB3DS+WiiU Remix

Super Mario Bros. Medley – Wii U Remix

Super Mario Bros: the Lost Levels Medley – Wii U Remix

Fortress Boss (Super Mario World) – Wii U Remix

Atheletic Theme / Ground Theme  – SSB3DS+WiiU Remix

Ground Theme (Super Mario Bros) – Brawl Remix

Ground Theme (New Super Mario Bros. U) – Original

Ground Theme (New Super Mario Bros. 2) – Original

Super Bell Hill – Original from Super Mario 3D World


Mario Galaxy – Smash 4 Stage

Egg Planet – Wii U Remix

Super Mario Galaxy – Original from Super Mario Galaxy

Egg Planet – Original from Super Mario Galaxy

Theme of SMG2 – Original from Super Mario Galaxy 2

Sky Station – Original from Super Mario Galaxy 2

Fated Battle – Original from Super Mario Galaxy 2

The Great Tower Showdown 2 – Original from Super Mario 3D World

Champion Road – Original from Super Mario 3D World

The Grand Finale/In the Final – Original from Mario & Luigi Bowser’s Inside Story


Delfino Plaza – Brawl Stage

Delfino Plaza – Original

Ricco Harbor – Original

Super Mario 3D Land / Beach Theme – SSB3DS+WiiU Remix

Peach’s Castle – Melee Remix

Rainbow Cruise – Melee Remix

Main Theme (NSMB)- Brawl Remix


Mario Circuit – Smash 4 Stage

Circuit (Mario Kart 7)- Wii U Remix

Rainbow Road Medley – SSB3DS+WiiU Remix

Cloudtop Cruise (MK8) – Wii U Remix

Mario Circuit (MK8) – Original

Mario Kart Stadium (MK8) – Original

Rainbow Road (MK8)- Original

MUshroom Gorge (MKWii) – Original

Minigame theme (Mario Party 9) – Original


Mario Circuit – Brawl Stage

Mario Circuit  – Brawl Remix

Luigi raceway  – Brawl Remix

Waluigi Pinball  – Brawl Remix

Mario Tennis/Mario Golf  – Brawl Remix

Rainbow Road (Double Dash) – Original

Title (3D Hot Rally) – Brawl Remix

Excite Truck – Original


Luigi’s Mansion – Brawl Stage

Luigi’s Mansion Theme – Brawl Remix

Luigi’s Mansion Series Medley – Wii U Remix

Airship Theme (Super Mario Bros. 3) – Brawl Remix

Castle / Boss Fortress  – Brawl Remix

On the Hunt ~Gloomy Manor Ver. (Instrumental) – Original from Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon

Tetris Type A – Brawl Remix


Jungle Hijinx – Smash 4 Stage

Gear Getaway – SSB3DS+WiiU Remix

Jungle Level – Brawl remix

Jungel Level Jazz Style (DKC) – Wii U Remix

Stickerbush Symphony – Brawl Remix

Jungle Hijinx – Original from DKC Returns

Mole Patrol – Original from DKC Returns

Battle for Storm Hill – Original from Jungle Beat

Mangrove Cove – Original from Tropical Freeze

Swinger Flinger  – Original from Tropical Freeze


Kongo Jungle 64 – 64 Stage

Kongo Jungle – 64 Remix

Jungle Level Tribal Style – Wii u Remix

Jungle Level Ver. 2 – Brawl Remix

King K. Rool / Ship Deck 2- Brawl Remix

Donkey Kong Country Returns – Original from DKC Returns

Donkey Kong Country Returns (Vocals) – Wii u Remix


Skyloft – Smash 4 Stage

Ballad of the Goddes / Shirahim’s Theme  – SSB3DS+WiiU Remix

Main Theme / UnderWorld Theme  – SSB3DS+WiiU Remix

Saria’s Song / Middle Boss Battle (OOT) – Wii U Remix

The Great Sea / Menu Select – Wii U Remix

Tal Tal Heights – Brawl Remix

Vilage of the Blue Maiden – Original from Four Swords Adventures

Ballad of the Goddess – Original from Skyward Swords

Lorule Main Theme – Original from Link Between Worlds


Bridge of Eldin – Brawl Stage

Main Theme Ver. 2 (Legend of Zelda – Brawl Remix)

Dark World / Dark Wrld Dungeon – SSB3DS+WiiU Remix

Title (Legend of Zelda) – Brawl Remix

Hidden Mountain & Forest – Brawl Remix

Ocarina of Time Medley – Brawl Remix

Hyrule field Theme – Brawl Remix

Main Theme (TP) – Original from Twilight Princess

Midna’s Lament – Original from Twilight Princess


Temple – Melee Stage

Great Temple/Temple – Brawl Remix

Temple – Melee Remix

Main Theme (Zelda) – Melee/Brawl Remix

Song of Storms – Brawl remix

Dark World – Brawl Remix

Gerudo Valley – Original from Ocarina

Yuga Battle (Hyrule castle) – Original from Link Between Worlds


Pyrosphere – Smash 4 Stage

Vs. Ridley – Brawl Remix

Title (Metroid) – Wii U Remix

Escape – Wii U Remix

Sector 1 – Brawl Remix

Vs. Meta Ridley – Original from Metroid Prime

Multiplayer (Metroid Prime 2) – Original

Nemesis Ridley – Original from Other M


Norfair – Brawl Stage

Main Theme (Metroid)  – Brawl Remix

Brinstar – Melee Remix

Brinstar Depths – Melee Remix

Norfair  – Brawl Remix

Ending (Metroid)  – Brawl Remix

Theme of Samus  – Brawl Remix

Burning Lava Fish – Original from Other M

Battle Scene / Final Boss (Golden Sun)- Brawl Remix


Port Town Aero Dive – Brawl Stage

Mute City Ver. 3 – SSB3DS+WiiU Remix

Mute City – Brawl Remix

White Land – Brawl remix

Fire Field – Brawl Remix

Big Blue – Melee Remix

Mute City – Original from F-Zero

Red Canyon – Original from F-Zero

Dream chaser – Original from F-Zero X

Devil’s Call in Your Heart  – Original from F-Zero X

Climb up! And Get the Last Chance – Original from F-Zero X

Brain Cleaner – Original from F-Zero GX

Shotgun Kiss- Original from F-Zero GX

Planet Colors – Original from F-Zero GX


Woolly World – Smash 4 Stage

Yoshi’s Island – Wii U Remix

Yoshi’s Woolly World – Wii U Remix

Obstacle Course – Brawl Remix

Yoshi’s Story Ver. 2 – Brawl Remix

Ending (Yoshi’s Story) – Brawl Remix

Wildlands – Brawl Remix

Main Theme (Yohi’s New Island) – Original

Bandit Valle (Yohi’s New Island) – Original

Yoshi’s Woolly World – Original from Yoshi’s Woolly World

Try, Try Again –  SSB3DS+WiiU Remix

Tough Guy Alert! – Original from Bowser’s Inside Story


Yoshi’s Island – Melee Stage

Super Mario World Medley – Wii U Remix

Ground Theme (SMB3) – Melee Remix

YOshi’s Island (Melee)

YOshi’s Story- (Melee)


Great Cave Offensive – Smash 4 Stage

Great Cave Offensive – Wii U Remix

Butter Building Ver. 2 – Wii U remix

King Dedede Theme Ver. 2- Wii u Remix

Forest / Nature Area – Wii U Remix

Green Green Ver. 2  – SSB3DS+WiiU Remix

green Greens (Melee)

Celestial valley – Original from Air Ride

Adventure Beings – Original from Return to Dream Land

Throgh the Forset – Original from Return to Dream Land

Floral Fields – Original from Triple Deluxe


Halberd – Brawl Stage

Air Ride Machine – Brawl Remix

Gourmet Race – Brawl Remix

Meta Knight’s Revenge – Brawl Remix

02 Battle- Brawl Remix

Boss Theme Medley – Brawl Remix


Orbital Gate Assault – Smash 4 Stage

Area 6 / Missile Slipstream – SSB3DS+WiiU Remix

Star Wofl’s Theme / Sector Z – SSB3DS+WiiU Remix

Coernia – Melee Remix

Main Theme (Star Fox 64) – Brawl remix

Area 6 – Brawl remix

Space Battleground – Original from Star Fox Assault

Break Through the Ice  – Original from Star Fox Assault


Lylat Cruise – Brawl Stage

Space Armada – Brawl remix

Main Theme (Star Fox) – Brawl remix

Corneria (Brawl)

Venom – Melee remix

Star Wolf – Brawl remix

Tunnel Scene (X) – Brawl remix


Kalos Pokemon League – Smash 4 Stage

Battle! (Trainer battle) X and Y – SSB3DS+WiiU Remix

Battle! (Champion) / Champion Cynthia – Wii U Remix

Route 10 (BW) – Wii U Remix

N’s Castle Medley – SSB3DS+WiiU Remix

Route 23 (BW2) – Wii U Remix

Battle! Team flare – Wii uRemix

Pokemon Center – Brawl remix

Battle Team Galalctic – Brawl remix

Dialga Palkia battle – Brawl remix

Victory Road XY – Original from Pokemon XY

Battle Champion XY – Original from Pokemon XY


Onett – Melee Stage

Onett – Melee Remix

Magican / Eight Melodies – SSB3DS+WiiU Remix

Onett Theme / Winters Theme  – Wii U Remix

Smiles and Tears – SSB3DS+WiiU Remix

Pollyana/Mother 2 – Melee Remix

Snowman – Brawl Remix

Mother 3 Love Theme – Brawl Remix

POrky’s Theme – Brawl Remix


Coliseum – Smash 4 Stage

The Devoted – Original from Radiawt Dawn

Coliseum Series Medley – Wii U Remix

Fight 1 (Gaiden) – Wii U Remix

Meeting Theme Series Medley  – Wii U Remix

Fire Emblem Msyery of Emblem Medley  – Wii U Remix

Time of Action – Original from Radiawt Dawn

ID Purpose – Original from Awakening

Duty (Ablaze)  – Original from Awakening

Attack (Soma Bringer)  – Original from Soma Bringer


Castle Seige – Brawl Stage

Fire Emblem Theme – Brawl Remix

Fire Emblem- Melee remix

Shadow Dragon Medley – Brawl Remix

With Mila’s Divine – Brawl Remix

Attack  – Brawl Remix

Preparing to Advance – Brawl Remix

Crimean Army Sortie – Original from Path of Radiance

Against Dark Knight – Original from Path of Radiance

Victory is Near – Original from Path of Radiance


Palutena’s Temple – Smash 4 Stage

Boss Fighter 1 (Uprising) – Original from Uprising

Wrath of the Reset Bomb  – Wii U Remix

Lightning Chariot Base – Wii U Remix

Destoryed Skyworld – Wii U Remix

Magnus’s Theme – Original from Uprising

Dark Pit’s Theme – Original from Uprising

Hades’ Infernal Theme – Original from Uprising

Thunder Cloud temple – Original from Uprising


Skyworld – Brawl Stage

UnderWorld – Brawl Remix

Title Kid Icarus – Brawl Remix

Overworld – Brawl Remix

Kid Icarus Retro Medley- Original


Gamer – Smash 4 Stage

Gamer – original from Game & wario

Ashley’s Song JP – Brawl Remix

Ashley’s Song – Brawl Remix

Wario Ware Inc – Brawl Remix

Wario Ware Inc Medley – Brawl Remix

Ruins (wario Land: Shake It)- Original

PERFORMANCE – Original from Jam with the Band

Dragon Battle  – Original from AR Games


Garden of Hope – Smash 4 Stage

Stage Select (Pikmin 2) – SSB3DS+WiiU Remix

Stage Clear / Title (Pikmin) – Brawl Remix

Enviornmental Noises – Brawl Remix

World Map (Pimin 2) – Brawl Remix

Main Theme (Pikmin) – Original

Garden of Hope – Original from Pikmin 3


Town and City – Smash 4 Stage

Plaza (City Folk) / Title (Wild World) – Wii U remix

Tour (New Leaf) – Wii U Remix

Kappn’n’s Song  – Wii U Remix

Outoors at 7PM (Sunny) / Main Street (New Leaf) – Wii U Remix

Bubblegum KK (New Leaf) – Wii U Remix


Wii Fit Studio – Smash 4 Stage

Super Hoop – Wii U Remix

Skateboard Arena (Free Mode) (Wii Fit Plus) – Wii U Remix

Rhythm Boxing – Original from Wii Fit

Mischievious Mole-way – Original from Wii Fit Plus

Bathtime theme (nintendogs) – SSB3DS+WiiU Remix

Bathtime theme Vocal (nintendogs) – SSB3DS+WiiU Remix

Brain age theme – Original from Brain Age

Menu (Brain Age 2) – Original


Boxing Ring – Smash 4 Stage

Jogging/Countdown – SSB3DS+WiiU Remix

Minor Circuit – Wii U Remix

World Cituict – Oriignal from Punch Out Wii

Culdcept – Wii U Remix

Shin Onigasmia Medley – Brawl remix

Tomorrow’s Passion – Original from Captain Rainbow


Gaur Plain – Smash 4 Stage

Gaur Plain – Original from Xenoblade

Xenoblade Chronicels Medley – Wii U Remix

Engage the Enemy – Original from Xenoblade

Gaur Plan (Night) – Original from Xenoblade

Time to Fight! – Original from Xenoblade

An Obstacle in Our Path  – Original from Xenoblade

Mechanical Rhythem – Original from Xenoblade

You Will Know Our MNames – Original from Xenoblade


75m – Brawl Stage

Donkey Kong – Brawl Remix

Opening (DK) – Brawl Remix

Mario Bros – Brawl Remix

25 theme – original from Donkey Kong

Chill (Dr Mario) Ver. 2  – Wii U Remix


Wrecking Crew – Smash 4 Stage

Wrecking Crew mEdley – Wii U Remix

Wrecking crew Retro Medley – Original

Balloon Fight Medley – SSB3DS+WiiU Remix

Ice Clibmer – Brawl Remix

Stack-Up /Gyromite – Brawl Remix

Mach Rider – Melee Remix

Lip’s Theme – Brawl remix


Pilotwings – Smash 4 Stage

Light Plane- Wii U Remix

Light Plane (Vocal Mix)- Wii U Remix

Turbo Jet (Resort)- Wii U Remix

Light Plane – Original from Pilotwings SNES

Dillon’s Rolling Western Main Theme – Original


Wuhu Island  – Smash 4 Stage

Wii Sports Series Medley – Wii U Remix

Wii Sports Resory – Wii U Remix

Opening theme / Select (Wii Sports) – Original

Style Savvy; Trendetters

Pop Fashion Show – Original from Style Savvy; Trendetters


Windy Hill – Smash 4 Stage

Windy Hill – Zone 1 – Original from Lost World

Green Hill- Original from Sonic1

Angel Island – Brawl Remix

Open Your Heart – Original from Adventure

Live and Learn – Original from Adventure 2

Escape from the City – Original from Adventure 2

Sonic Heroes – Original

Wonder World – Original from Lost World

His World (Instrumental) – Original from Sonic 2006

Seven Rings in Hand – Original from Secret Rings

Rooftop Run (Not sure if Classic or Modern)

Reach for the Stars – Original from Colors


Wily Castle – Smash 4 Stage

Mega Man 2 Medley – Wii U Remix

Cut Man Stage – Wii U Remix

Quick Man Stage – Wii U Remix

Air Man Stage – Wii U Remix

Spark Man Stage – Wii U Remix

Shadow Man Stage – Wii U Remix

Mega Man Retro Medley

Mega Man 2 Retro Medley

Mega Man 3 Retro Medley

Mega Man 4-6 Retro Medley


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