Razer HackFest at AppsWorld Produces 15 Apps for Razer Nabu

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21 teams entered Razer’s HackFest at AppsWorld this year. Teams were challenged to create apps using the Razer Nabu in just 36 hours. 15 functioning apps were completed at the end of HackFest. First place went to the Gamers Everywher app that let Razer Nabu users find fellow gamers and share their profiles with a high five. Second place went to the real-time game New Frontier that has players turning local places into their play space.

Many of the 15 apps will go on to become public apps when the Razer Nabu finally launches. No word when the Nabu will launch, as the device has missed its projected October release date. The Razer Nabu recently passed FCC testing in late October and a brand new site has been unveiled, which hints that the launch may be imminent.

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