New Lords of the Fallen Content Announced

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Nary a week after its release, and CI Games are already announcing new DLC for their hit action/RPG; Lords of the Fallen. The Dark Souls-esq game has been a hit with fans of the genre and now they will be getting even more. The new content titled; Ancient Labyrinth will put a bigger emphasis on exploration and puzzle solving while still keeping players on their toes with intense and difficult boss battles.

Here is a brief look at what to expect from Lords of the Fallen: Ancient Labyrinth:

  • A powerful ancient Lord, a magical foe who changes his powers continuously throughout the battle, keeping players on their toes
  • A new location, The Library, filled with puzzles, environmental riddles and history of Harkyn’s world
  • A new puzzle-based gameplay mechanic
  • An all-new quest centered around the story of immortal, powerful demons
  • Side-quests and NPCs with an agenda that affects the war between human and demonic realms
  • New armor and weapons


So if the game’s roughly 15 hour campaign and endless replayability options wasn’t enough to keep you hooked, hopefully now you will be basically jumping into the boat. We will have our review for Lords of the Fallen going live very soon, so make sure you stay tuned to Capsule Computers for that plus all the other awesome Lords of the Fallen news as it becomes available.

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  • Nestfix

    What a great information. Lords of the Fallen will have DLC:) Awesome! Now I can’t wait when it comes out. I only hope it will be as good as game or maybe better, who knows. Nice, very nice.

  • Capone

    I agree, great news. Another hour spent with the Lords of the Fallen, as most enjoy .;). All in all, I did not expect that DLC would be so soon, because already for the winter. Until that time, still manage to work on the game that everything worked as it should. Already I can not wait to see how it would look .;)

  • Gont

    I really enjoyed Lords of the Fallen so i’m very happy they are working on additional content. It’s nice they didn’t forgot about fixing some problems with the game and are still putting out patches.

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