New Dragon Ball Xenoverse Story Screenshots

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We recently reported on the latest Dragon Ball Xenoverse scans to come out of V-Jump Magazine in Japan this week and as per usual, the official Dragon Ball Z Games Facebook page has now translated most of that information but have also released a heap of new screenshots not previously seen before. Some of the new screens focus on the Battle of Gods storyline which appears to be included in the game albeit slightly altered to fit in with the whole storyline alteration concept of Xenoverse. If you look carefully there is a screenshot of Super Saiyan Vegeta grabbing a pudding cup. Maybe he managed to save some for Beerus who will finally get to eat some pudding!

Bandai Namco also shared that the Tenkaichi Budokai mode will allow the company to create special tournaments that people all over the world can participate in. In some bad news, Giant characters such as Great Ape Vegeta are confirmed to be sidelined to boss battles only, however you can verse them solo in story mode or with other people in the Parallel Quest co-op mode. Check out the 61 new screenshots below and let us know what you think about them in the comments below.

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