WWE Network Going Free in the Month of November

WWE Sports News


There you go wrestling fans. That is a semi-exciting headline, right? Well, WWE Network is going free in November to new subscribers, and a 6-month commitment is no longer required to receive the low price of….you guessed it, $9.99.

New members will be able to watch WWE Survivor Series for free as it does fall during November, and pay for the next month in December at yet again, the price of $9.99 (I’m sensing a theme). Honestly though, its about time WWE dropped that commitment and made the product a bit more accessible, as WWE is a good idea considering the state of the current product (More Cena/Orton! More Brock no-showing events!). You can start in on getting this deal by following the link, to which you should put on some classic matches and actually get to enjoying wrestling yet again.

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