Drops Of God Mangakas Start New Series

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After spending the past decade trying to find and identify the perfect wine it seems that mangakas Tadashi Agi and Shu Okimoto are now working on ways to steal the divine drink, their new series Kaito Levain or Phantom Thief Levain is set to be published in the next issue of Kodanshas Morning Magazine.

Similar to their previous work The Drops of God, the new series revolves around a legendary bottle of wine, a group of five people try to steal the bottle from its owners who are said to have no real appreciation for the drink. So far nothing else has been revealed about the manga, but if it’s anything like Drops of God then the series will become a popular hit fast. The Drops of God manga ran in the same magazine from 2004-2014 and finished on its 44th volume, Vertical have published the volumes in North America however not in its entirety. Its detail and accuracy in regards to wine making and culture has given the manga a lot of praise by the New York Times and a French wine magazine. Let us know what you think about the manga by leaving a comment down below.

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