Countdown Timer And Timeline Website For Naruto’s Final Chapters

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With the final five chapters of Naruto being published in Weekly Shonen Jump fans can now take a stroll down the manga’s memory lane with the official countdown website. The home page displays the amount of time left before Masashi Kishimoto’s popular series ends publication, to the exact second, the background image behind the timer also changes every time the site gets refreshed. Fans only need to scroll down a little bit before they are taken back to 1999 when the first chapter of Naruto was published, from there the timeline displays all of the following years and the significant event that occurred within each one. A memorable quotes section is also featured on the site so fans can see various quotes from Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and more, let us know what your favorite quote is by leaving a comment down below.

The countdown website was announced yesterday on the official twitter page for the upcoming The Last: Naruto The Movie which will be premiered on the 6th of December in Japan, the manga will end its massive 15 years run on the 50th issue of this year’s Weekly Shonen Jump finishing on 71 volumes.

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