Bayonetta 2 Demo Out Now On Nintendo eShop Plus Launch Trailer

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I was clamoring for more Bayonetta 2 after getting hands on with it at the EB Expo in Sydney last weekend, but now it seems everyone can experience the awesomeness that is Bayonetta 2 as Nintendo and Platinum Games have released a demo on the Wii U eShop that seems to be the same build that has been present at expos in the past.

The demo is available worldwide and weighs in at a decent 728mb with a maximum fifteen play limit. We strongly suggest checking it out as it is one of the few mature titles being released for the Wii U and contains some fantastic action gameplay that could land the title as a contender for Game of the Year. Nintendo have also released a brand new launch trailer to accompany the demo which you can check out below. Bayonetta 2 releases exclusively on the Wii U on the 25th and will include the supposed ‘definitive edition’ of the original Bayonetta as a bonus at no extra charge.

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