Touhou Project fan games heading to PlayStation 4 and PS Vita

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Many people are probably familiar with Touhou Project, or if you aren’t familiar but have spent any time on the internet, then you have probably seen at least one or two characters from the long running franchise. Unfortunately many people have never played any of the Touhou shmup games simply because they have never been released in English nor on consoles as they have always been PC exclusives.

As such it came as quite a surprise last night when Sony revealed that Touhou Project would be coming to the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. Now series creator Zun has revealed a few more details by saying that the games that will be heading to the Sony platforms are not developed by him but fan made projects that he will be encouraging.


The slogan for this project is currently “Touhou fans will create and grow it, together with PlayStation.” While no release date was announced, three games have so far been announced, with more planned, and they are called Mystery Gensokyo 3, The Genius of Sappheiros, and Touhou Sky Arena Matsuri.

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  • Lots of people have been commenting about this games in the Disqus comment sections on Siliconera and Gematsu. Unfortunatelly Im not familiar with this franchise, anybody here know what the big deal is and what are the chances of this game getting localised (which from what I gather doesnt seem to likely)?

    • koga88

      Sadly I think the chances of these games getting localized is pretty low. While the original Touhou titles are all bullet hell games that can and have been translated by fans for PC, these fan games fall into different categories.

      Unfortunately since Zun himself isn’t putting the original titles on the consoles, the originals still remain PC exclusive but this is the first time that anything Touhou related was planned for official release on a home console.

      It is possible that someone might pick them up for localization, stranger things have happened, but the best option to play them would be to make a Japanese PSN account and download them that way.

      • Thanks I appreciate your honest feedback 🙂

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