Senran Kagura: Estival Versus to feature four new playable characters

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The latest issue of Famitsu magazine has revealed some new details , courtesy of Gamestalk, for the newly revealed Senran Kagura: Estival Versus. Not only will the game include the four teams from the previous Vita title, but it will also introduce four new characters, a trio of sisters by the names of Renka, Hanabi, and Kafuru, and Sayuri who is their mysterious grandmother.

The title will also feature a multiplayer mode and it appears that the pair battles from Senran Kagura 2 will also be implemented into Estival Versus. It also appears that we may now know why a Senran Kagura image was shown at the end of Koei Tecmo’s Dead or Alive announcement, as it sounds like the outfits the girls wear will now become dirty or transparent similar to how the fighters’ clothing in Dead or Alive 5 becomes. Of course that is merely conjecture at this point and nothing more.

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  • Should be really really interesting to see the compilation work between these two busty ninja franchises. Of course that is merely conjecture at this point.

    • I wonder if the Hejibo girls make an appearence~ o.O

      • Since I’m assuming this compilation work will probably come out on a Playstation system, it could include them and the girls from shinovi versus. Of course we’ll have to wait and see. Wouldn’t it be off the wall if they released the game on Wii U?

        P.S. Nice new avatar you got there, good to see Katsuragi getting some love, most SK fans seem to like Yomi and Yagyu.

        • I’ll be getting a Wii U soon so should SK be out for Wii U, I’ll be straight on it!

          Katsu-nee! She’s great! I love her, as I do with pretty much all the girls. Yagyu is one of my faves. I’ve grown to love all the characters in general. The Hebijo girls, I just want to hug. I can’t help feeling sorry for them, because they’ve all gone through some rough lives. As with Yomi, we must get her bean sprouts~ 😀

          P.S. Yay! You’re my 1st follower, thanks man~ 😀

          • I’m amazed the Wii U isn’t getting a SK game seeing as how the franchise originated on the Nintendo platform, plus isn’t the Wii U outselling the PS4 in Japan? I totally agree with you on the Hebijo/Crimson squad, minus Mirai who is the one charachter I absolutely detest from this franchise. Yomi is by far my favorite I just love her tragic backstory and her unhealthy rivalry. As far as the following goes hey no worries, I make it my policy to follow all SK fans. I always hope they find a scoop before I do, sadly I often find the article without the help of the community. Still its interesting to see how similar most peoples likes are.

          • Burst was the first SK I got and the only one I’ve played. I’ve watched the anime though, which is awesome! Though I was so disappointed at the end because I had nothing more to watch. I got so into too! I don’t mind Mirai, though she does get a little bitchy and all. But she was bullied in school, which I can, somewhat, relate to~ >_<

          • Actually that’s one of the reasons I dislike her character, her whole rational for leaving the good shinovi faction was that she was bullied. Think about that as a background for a character, she left her family, friends, and life to pursue a life of revenge; to kill when she wants to kill. I mean for crying out loud Homura had a better reason for joining the evil faction, she was ostrazized from her family and shinovi faction; Mirai didn’t have a reason as good as Homura.

            P.S. Can’t wait for that season 2 of Senran Kagura 🙂

          • Ah, you make a good point. The fact that she joined the dark faction for no other raisin (that’s right, I said raisin over reason) besides revenge on her, say, bullies, in that sense, isn’t all that good. She had a choice I suppose, where as the other 4 did not. I don’t just feel sorry for the Hebijo girls, I also feel for the Hanzo girls and their backgrounds. All the girls have had troubles. Just wanna’ give all big hugs! >_<

            Hai! Season 2 would be so cool. Though I do wonder how it will continue from the end of last season. I would imagine it'll tie in with the Estival Versus or Shinobi Versus storyline~

          • The only Hanzo girls I feel sorry for would be Ikagura and Katsuragi, as there the only ones who have a trully tragic background in my opinion. I dont feel like we know enough about Hibari, and Asuka/Yagyu’s background seem kinda average to me. On the season 2 front the SK team have already stated that the Nintendo story is the cannon part with the Playstation games being the spinoffs. So if there is a season 2 it will most likely follow in the aftermath of SK Crimson 2.

          • That’s true. Hibari is the only one without problems! 😀 Whatever happens with the series though, I’m sure it’ll be awesome anyway~ 😀

          • Still, I love all the characters! They’re all such good friends. It’s a shame the 2 factions are rivals but it all works out at the end so that’s nice~ 🙂

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