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As announced last week, the PC visual novel Chou Dengeki Stryker has now been released on Steam where for the next six days it will be available at a 45% off discount. Whereas the title usually costs $34.99, it can currently be purchased through Steam for $19.24. It is worth noting that if you have already bought either the all-ages or adults only versions of Chou Dengeki Stryker then you will automatically be given a free Steam key from Mangagamer.

For those unfamiliar with the game, a story synopsis from the company can be found below:

Yuuki Yamato has modeled his young life after the super heroes he loves. When his best friend Haruna is teased by bulError! Filename not specified.lies, he always tries to defend her — but his life is not a comic book, and things never work out as planned.

One day, after yet another failure, Haruna tells Yamato that she is moving away. She asks him to come and see her off, but Yamato — his pride still wounded — cannot find the courage to face her. When Yamato is feeling his lowest, an old man appears before him. He is known as the Memory Collector, and he will grant one wish in exchange for a memory. Yamato makes his wish: to become Dengeki Stryker, his favorite comic book hero.

Years later, an army of cyborgs from the Balbora Empire appear in the city where Haruna now lives. With the police and the army powerless against the Empire’s mechanical might, it falls to a single hero to stop them — a hero who looks remarkably like Dengeki Stryker!

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  • I still find it to be hilarious that the game is refered to as the “All ages Version” just for taking away the steamy scenes, while retaining all the violence and vulgarity of the original game. Hooray for Hypocrasy!

    P.S. All joking aside, which of the two versions is the better version for the purposes of a story narrative the “All ages version” or the “18+ version”?

    • koga88

      From what I remember hearing, there aren’t a whole ton of 18+ scenes in the original version of the game so it is a bit of a toss-up between the two depending on whether or not you want that little extra thrown in. Not sure how the scenes are smoothed over in the all ages version though.

      • Thanks I asked the folks at nichegamer about it too and they said something similar to that effect. the H-scenes are not intrusive/forced and you could go with either or. Still a bit surprised to find an eroge being made out of what is essentially a super heroe/shonen type story. By the way I checked out mangagamers website and there page for Chou Dengeki is a mess, theres like four different versions of the game. You’d think theyed want to clear up the clutter and make it easier for people checking out there site.

        • koga88

          Yeah they should clean that up. The listing for it shows not only the old version of the game, which probably shouldn’t be shown still, but the updated game, the patch to update the old version, and the all-ages.

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