Two New Pokemon Mega Evolutions Announced

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The list of Pokemon with Mega Evolutions continues to expand with Mega Audino and Mega Slowbro being added to the list. Nintendo announced at a recent Gamescom event in a special video hosted by producer Junichi Masuda, Mega Audino was revealed to the community. Boasting increased Defense and Special Defense stats, gaining the Fairy Type in addition to its original Normal typing and gaining the Healer ability that gives it a 30% chance to heal its allies in battle, Mega Audino will play a handy support role in Triple and Double battles.

The other Mega Pokemon unveiled was Mega Slowbro who was recently revealed at the Pokemon World Championships opening ceremony.Slowbro will feature increased bulk in its Defense stat as well as a boost to its Special Attack. It will also gain the Shell Armor ability, making it completely immune to critical hits. This will make Mega Slowbro very hard to take down especially if it gets off some Defense or Special Defense boosts which is very possible with its access to the boosting move Amnesia. You can see these two new Mega Evolutions in action in the trailers below.


Both these Pokemon’s Mega Evolutions were unofficially leaked by the Korean Pokemon website days before they were meant to be unveiled and images were quickly removed from the website. Check out the trailers below to see both Mega Pokemon in action. Three new Mega Evolutions in Mega Altaria, Mega Lopunny and Mega Salamence were also announced recently, you can click on the link to learn all about them.




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  • thecrows2332

    Hate Mega Evo of Slowbro. The fact that its one of the most unko pokemon around and its balancing on its tail annoys me.

    • Agreed mega-evolution in general was such a bad idea plus it was poorly implemented. As far as fairies, I’m actually over there introduction into the franchise. However what I can’t forgive is fairies weaknesses to steel types. I can understand and overlook there weakness to poison, however their weakness to steel is simply ilogical.

      • Might be illogical but is needed for balance. It is still a great defensive type as steel and poison moves are fairly uncommon.

    • Agreed, Really not a fan of these two mega evolutions they have been the worst so far.

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