Super Mario Kart Sees a Surprise Release on the Wii U Virtual Console

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While we usually don’t think about new eShop releases until Thursday, Nintendo have snuck up on us and gave us a reason to celebrate it seems. As of today, you can download Super Mario Kart for the Wii U in all of its now Gamepad enabled greatness.

Sure, it is a lot different if you’re riding by from those wondrous streets in Mario Kart 8, but nostalgia and crisp gameplay that still holds up well is the reason for admission here, and frankly, I am just happy to see the Wii U getting more Virtual Console love. What will tomorrow bring? Probably the normal mix, but today we have a new glimmer of hope that even more classics (Super Mario RPG, and dare I even say Donkey Kong Country) just might see some love on the eShop yet again.

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