Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus and Bon Appétit to be released in Europe and Australia

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While we knew that XSEED Games was planning on releasing Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus and Senran Kagura: Bon Appétit in North America sometime this Fall, gamers in Europe were left wondering when, and in the case of Australia, if they would get either game. Well you can rest easy as today Marvelous Europe announced that they will be handling the distribution of the title themselves in both regions.

Series producer Kenichiro Takaki said that “We were surprised and delighted that the Senran Kagura series has been so well received in Europe. The team is very excited that these new titles will soon be released for the rest of the world to enjoy.”

Both titles will be released as digital downloads for the PS Vita later in the year and with this announcement came a number of new screenshots for the title as well as a re-release of the E3 trailer for Shinovi Versus.

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  • What no no no no and no! It’s not “I sacrifice myself to the will of our dance” its “I sacrifice myself to the will of evil”. Oh wait I forgot the original Hebijo cast are runaway ninjas now, so they probably changed their dialog now that their the Homura squad.

    • Well, in all fairness, they aren’t really fighting as “evil” anymore. But then again, why “dance”? The new characters look pretty good. But overall, YES! EUROPE RELEASE! MEANING I CAN GET THIS! 😀

  • I’m liking the new playable area, rather than side scrolling. It gives more area to explore, I suppose, so that’s nice. So glad it’s going to be released in Europe! And by that logic, it should be released in the UK~ 😀

    • With the current SJW movements going on it should be interesting to see what Kotaku, Polygon, Gamasutras response will be to this game. Woops I forgot were all suppose to be boycotting those sites, can’t be giving them any clicks; how silly of me 😉

      • Fill me in here, I thought Shinobi Versus was already out for PS Vita? In this case, is Burst the only one that is actually out right now, except in Japan?

        • Senran Kagura Burst is the only game currently out outside of Japan, SK Shinovi Versus and SK Bon Appetit are both getting localized this year. SK Crimson 2 just came out on 3DS with no word yet on localization, and SK Estival Versus has just been confirmed for PS4 and PSVITA in Japan. There’s also a card game on smartphones that is only out in Japan right now. As it stands now there is a compilation work with smartphone game Draw Girls out in korea and another one with the Dead or Alive franchise anounced at the pre TGS show.

          • Ah right! So I’m sort of up to date, huh? Haven’t finished Burst fully yet. I love the look of Bon Appetit, it makes me hungry! The card game is New Wave as an app, right? Too bad I don’t have a smart phone. >__<

            Soon I shall get a Vita and join in on the fun~ 😀

          • Yes the smartphone games name is New Wave, dont feel too bad by the way on not finishing Burst yet. I also havent fully completed it, got 100% on the Hanzo story and currently working on the Hebijo story. SK Burst really is a fun game to play over time, especially if your trying to complete the game.

          • Same, I’m on 100% on Hanzo Academy. I haven’t got all the titles though, because some are ridiculous to get! Like completing all the missions in Frantic Mode! >_< I'm on Chapter 2 in Hebijo Academy and I'm just training the girls a lot. I might as well master the Yin Style while I can because it's a bugger to master near the end~ 😀

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