Naruto Storm Revolution’s Gaara Receives New Awakening Plus New Details

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Naruto’s former enemy turned ally Gaara, the Fifth Kazekage of the Sand will be receiving a much anticipated new awakening in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution. Gaara will be able to summon the One-Tailed Beast known as Shukaku as a giant true awakening and unleash his devastating power against opponents in the heat of battle. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem young Gaara will be receiving the revamp treatment and will most likely have the same move set he had in Naruto Storm: Generations. You can check out some screenshots of the Shukaku in action below. Kankuro will also be receiving his Sasori puppet as his new True Awakening and will feature in a new Team Ultimate Jutsu with his sand allies Temari and Gaara.

Other new additions to the game include being able to accessorize your characters in the online mode to stand out from the crowd with different equipment such as a giant battle axe or wearable scrolls. Players will also be able to have their online characters fight for them in Network Clone Teams to have them train and gather items while players are away from the game. Continuing the trend set by Ultimate Ninja Storm 3, Storm Revolution will also be receving a PC release via Steam with the release date being confirmed for the 16th of September. The game hits the PS3 and Xbox 360 in Australia on the 11th of September. You can check out the newest trailer for the game below the gallery.


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