Mysterious Girlfriend X manga to end on chapter 92

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Since it is one of the many manga that Crunchyroll offers in English, as well as a manga that was given an anime adaptation, many manga readers are probably familiar with Mysterious Girlfriend X, or Nazo no Kanojo X. If you are then you likely are very familiar with the fact that outside of a few very small developments here and there, pretty much nothing has happened in the manga for the last few years. That being said, it looks like it is going to be coming to an abrupt conclusion in the next chapter.


The October issue of Afternoon magazine has revealed that the manga will be ending on the next issue when it is released on September 25th and considering how long fans of the series have been waiting for practically anything to really happen, anything outside of an actual kiss, or perhaps an alien twist, at this point will be disappointing.

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  • To be honest, this is my favorite Manga, I agree that the plot turn out to be not very clear, considering that their relationship didn’t developed quickly. But to end it like this I would say it’s not a proper way to do it, as a fan I would love to see a good reason for it to end it like if there was no more for them to feel.

  • Duper

    I was a bit surprised to see the note on the last page. I get the impression that the author hadn’t thought out the story line completely. It’s too bad. The arch with Urabe and Youko is getting very interesting. Honestly, I expect Akira to propose to Mikoto.
    That’s one of the interesting things about this story. While they have only shared a near kiss, ..which rendered Akira unconscious for a time… I full expect these two to stay together a build a life. So while we may never “see the goods” as an audience, I think it’s safe to say that they will get a happy ending.

    This is a story about innocence and honesty with one another. I think we’ve got that. I hope the ending is smooth.

  • Keith Dexter

    Just as a train of thought, ending this with the tall tale ending of happiness just wouldn’t give the readers the poetic justice that they deserve. At the end of this chapter, just proves that the writer is just opting to wrap things up and leave an open ended ending; just so the readers don’t fall prey to someone else’s hopes and dreams. However, the author should highly consider a sequel of sorts to prove the foreshadowing happiness that readers are entitled to see written and artistically displayed.

  • I will be sorry to see this one end. And I suspect it will end gently – as opposed to so may that end in cataclysmic fashion, or just plain stop dead in their tracks. One of the things I very much appreciated was the fairly distinctive art style and the fact that the manga managed to avoid most of the more infuriating cliches of manga – mostly Akira was not a hopeless and clueless twit. But aye, like many fans, I would have appreciated that their relationship could have evolved more fully – the past year has been fun, but essentially coasting.

  • Minh Nhat Nguye

    i stop reading this manga after chap 91 released 😀 and become a anti-fan of this !!
    the ending suck

  • Ax

    I would be pretty upset if it just ended rather abruptly. This, a long time ago now, some how grew to easily become my favorite manga, it’d be devastating to see it vanish D:

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