Hyrule Warriors focused Nintendo Direct reveals playable Ganondorf and new details

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Last night Nintendo held another Nintendo Direct and this one was focused entirely on Hyrule Warriors and with this focus came a few new reveals. Not only are the villains Zant and Ghirahim playable in the title but Ocarina of Time’s Ganondorf will also be playable in the game and it looks like he has been spending time with Lu Bu.

Not only were these characters announced but a few new details for the game were also revealed. First those who wish to buy the limited edition version of Hyrule Warriors in Australia will be given a Hyrule Warriors scarf alongside the game and anyone who registers their copy with Club Nintendo between September 20th and October 17th will be given a Ganondorf Legacy Costume Set.

Another new edition is the “Adventure Mode” which is a nostalgic twist on the original Zelda game that sees players travel through a recreated version of the old map with each block representing a stage that has unique victory conditions.

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