Dark romance manga Black Rose Alice’s first volume now available for purchase

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Fans of Viz Media‘s Shojo Beat label will be happy to hear that the company has released a new manga series today called Black Rose Alice with the first volume being available for purchase both in print for $9.99 in the US or $12.99 in Canada or digitally for $6.99. The series has more than six volumes under its belt and Viz is planning on releasing a new English volume on a bi-monthly basis.

The story of Black Rose Alice takes place in early 1900s Vienna where a man named Dimitri Lewandowski is killed in an accident only for his corpse to become the host of seeds from a vampire master. Although he insists that nothing has changed once he awakens, when people begin to die around him he is forced to accept the horrible truth.

The author and the artist for Black Rose Alice is the award winning Setona Mizushiro and Viz Media’s editor for the series, Pancha Diaz, had the following to say about Black Rose Alice:


“Black Rose Alice is a dark supernatural romance with a suspenseful storyline that puts its own unique twist on the vampire genre. After a prologue set in a beautifully rendered 1900s Vienna, the series flashes forward to modern Japan where Dimitri, who has become a fully developed vampire, appears in the dreams of a heartbroken woman to present a sinister proposal – he will save her fatally injured love, for a terrible price!”

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